Restaurant gets rare blue lobster in shipment

Restaurant gets rare blue lobster in shipment

After a restaurant owner got a rare blue lobster in a food shipment, he decided to donate it to an aquarium instead of cooking it.

Jeep rams Uber car, passenger robbed

The police are trying to determine if the Uber vehicle was targeted.

What caused a string of sushi restaurant fires?

Seven fires at U.S. sushi restaurants were caused by spontaneously combusting tempura flakes.

How did Area 51 become the site of alien conspiracy theories?

To this day, nobody really knows what goes on in Area 51, but aliens are still the fan favorite answer.

Kennedy Center will honor 'Sesame Street' and Sally Field

Beloved actress, long-running children's tv series and one of the most critically acclaimed funk bands of the '70s are among the 2019 Kennedy Center honorees.

Marine faces charges after breaking into home, family terrified by horrific scene

After hearing a window break and glass shatter, the mom says she thought her and her child were going to die. You can see in home security footage, an intruder ransacking her home all while screaming, “I will drink your blood.”

U.S. House passes bill to raise federal minimum wage

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation to raise the federal minimum wage.