Police: 6 people shot, one killed in New Orleans

MoviePass reports data breach, customers’ credit card numbers possibly exposed

Quick action from 5-year-old son helped save southern Indiana mother’s life

Celeb chef José Andrés calls fired cafeteria worker a ‘hero,’ says he has job openings

'Game of Thrones': Water bottles join coffee cup in guest-starring roles

US pulls nonessential staff from Iraq amid Mideast tensions

Plane propeller severs Florida woman’s arm, deputies say

‘The bus driver locked me underneath the bus:' Woman cries for help in 911 call

2 plead not guilty to conspiring with Giuliani associates

10-year-old girl dies of apparent suicide; police investigate rumors she was bullied

Energy Secretary Perry tells Trump he plans on resigning

Teacher fired after calling student the ‘N-Word’ at Virginia school

Bank robber makes getaway on electric scooter, witnesses tell police

White House says next G-7 to be held at a Trump golf resort

The ‘nones’ have it: Share of Americans with no religious affiliation growing

Husband, wife recorded women, young girls using restroom, police say

Woman, 88, fell retrieving her trash can, so a sanitation worker does it for her now

GRAPHIC: Father of 3 in coma after double hit-and-run at red light

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