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What files do I send to AdOps or Local X?

Video shows you what graphic files you need to send to adops or localX in order for them to run on your site.

How to Unzip your completed graphics

Video shows you how to unzip your completed graphics that you download from your order.

How to Download your completed graphics

Video talks about how to download your completed graphics for your orders.

Gray Monthly Feb 2018

Gray Monthly Feb 2018

How To Download and Unzip Graphic Files

This video is a tutorial on how to download completed graphics from and order, unzip the files, and what files to send to AdOps.



This is an animated GIF file. It increases the page load time by 4 megabytes... NOT GOOD!

This is a JPG version of the radar. It's only 43 kilobytes... THAT'S AWESOME!

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