A look inside the world of concealed carry classes

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TEMPLE, HILL, Ky. (WBKO) -- When you hear the words "concealed carry," some preconceived notions may come to your mind. You may even think this is going to be a story all about the firing range. Think again.

"No, it's really not," said Kentucky carry concealed instructor Barry Key. "We spend the majority of the time in the classroom."

Key explained that the class definitely covers the principles of marksmanship, but also a lot on safety that includes how to draw a weapon from a holster safely, and how to draw from concealment. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

"The proper way to aim, the proper way to pull the trigger, the proper way to stand," listed Key, all things taught inside the classroom.

Before the session begins, Key always makes his students really think about, and realize the reason they signed up for the class.

For Emily Sharp, it was all about peace of mind for herself, but also for her family.

"My husband convinced me to do it. I just want to be able to protect myself whenever I'm not with him," she explained.

Sharp describes herself as a beginner when it comes to firearms, but after only part one of the class, she was already feeling more sure of herself, and her options for carrying concealed.

"I didn't know there were so many different kinds of holster options. I think that's pretty cool, especially toward females. I knew there were ones targeted toward men, but women's clothing fits a little differently, so that's really interesting."

Key said he was always proud to see his students grow in knowledge and in confidence, but the harder part was overcoming the general public's misconceptions and fear of deadly weapons.

"[People think] that anybody can get a gun, and another common misconception is that well, you just go sit in a class for an hour or two and they give you a license. It's not that way," he said.

The state of Kentucky requires a minimum of six hours of classroom training, range time, a written test and a practical examination on top of a full background check by the Kentucky State Police.

In the end, Key says the decision of whether to carry concealed is up to each person.

"I think everyone should consider carry concealed. I think that it gives you options to protect you and your family, and it's a great starting point for defensive training."

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