EPA Administrator pushes to expedite superfund site cleanup

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WASHINGTON (Gray TV) -- Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt signing off today on a list of recommendations made by the Superfund Task Force.

Pruitt created the group in May in an effort to prioritize the clean-up of federal Superfund sites. These 1,300 sites across the country require long-term clean-up of harmful contaminants.

The recommendations include expediting the process and encouraging private investment. Pruitt believes the time for action is long overdue.

"Historically we have not done this as expeditiously as we should you know when you have that many sites and you have literally hundreds of sites that have been on the list and languishing in a way that they shouldn't we need to have more priority, more focus to achieve better outcomes for those citizens across the country," Pruitt said.

Pruitt is asking EPA regional heads to submit progress reports within 60 days.

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