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Caller mistakes apple fritter exchange for drug deal

Fake service dogs can harm the work of real ones

Parents of twins who drowned: They are more than just a tragedy

Gray Monthly Aug 2018


UPDATE: Russia calls UN expulsions an 'unfriendly move'

President Trump goes after a favorite target, Amazon

Apple closing iPhone security gap used by law enforcement

UPDATE: Illinois county sues Facebook for fraud

Appeals court approves $10 billion Volkswagen emissions deal

US economy surges to 4.1 percent growth rate in Q2

Judge warns against 'piecemeal' court rulings on immigration

China raises tariffs on $50 billion of US soybeans, other goods

UPDATE: Russia says no evidence of gas attack in Douma, Syria

McDonald's expands worker tuition benefits, citing tax law

UPDATE: President Trump, Merkel, Macron back expelling Russians

California AG to join investigation of fatal police shooting

Man arrested in suspicious packages sent to military sites

Apple unveils pencil support for cheapest iPad

Charges in Mexico-NY fentanyl smuggling case

UPDATE: Residents not surprised officers aren't charged

California county considers fighting state's 'sanctuary' law

US consumer confidence falls from 18-year high in February

Manchester attack report: Confusion kept firefighters away

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