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Protests and policy clash over ACA future

Protestors and policy makers at odds on the future of the Affordable Care Act. Now with the confirmation of a new Health and Human Services Secretary, the wheels of replacement are in motion. Washington Correspondent Kellie Meyer reports.

It’s become one of the hot button issues of the 2016 election cycle; what kind of justice should be nominated and confirmed by the next president.

A restaurant owner shares why he closed his business for the "Day Without Immigrants."

A driver was hospitalized in critical condition after crashing into a parked car Tuesday morning.

Woman quits job, makes $50,000 thanks to Airbnb

Man swims across river to help helicopter crash victims

Police say meat being stolen to be re-sold on black market

Realtime Polling

Gas Wars

Eisenhower Memorial moving ahead in Washington, D.C.

Family thankful for deputy's quick thinking

Campfire foil pack hot dogs

Dangers of lithium ion batteries

Most surprising cause of death in every state

One month later, baby born at zoo is thriving

Man operates around-the-clock facility for dogs

Miners lobby on Capitol Hill

School uses innovative methods to make students feel at home

A look inside the world of concealed carry classes

Judge accused of racially charged comments toward prosecutor

Woman hopes to help with suicide prevention after traumatic accident

What exactly is Pokémon GO?

This is how much a car cost the year you were born

Waistline may predict heart disease better than weight

Most popular baby names of 2015

Awesome Things Happen

Man critically injured in car-cycle crash identified

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