2017 Eclipse Page Reference Story (Do Not Delete)

This holds the media for AJAX references

Citing increased threat, US will impose more screening of electronic devices at airport checkpoints

Justin Kill and his father say their fishing trip turned frightening after they got stuck on a rocky dam in the middle of the Red River.

The Trump administration is launching a new effort to clean up pollution.

Markets Right Now: Stocks march higher in midday trading

Zoo elephants help make unforgettable proposal

Father and daughter combine musical talents, win award


Weather Video

Protests and policy clash over ACA future

High school student heading to national rodeo competition

The Supreme Court and the presidential candidates

Immigrant business owner closes restaurant during nationwide strike

Driver critically injured crashing into parked car

A family's eclipse and birthday surprise

Woman quits job, makes $50,000 thanks to Airbnb

Man swims across river to help helicopter crash victims

Eisenhower Memorial moving ahead in Washington, D.C.

Family thankful for deputy's quick thinking

Dangers of lithium ion batteries

Most surprising cause of death in every state

Man operates around-the-clock facility for dogs

Miners lobby on Capitol Hill

School uses innovative methods to make students feel at home

A look inside the world of concealed carry classes

Judge accused of racially charged comments toward prosecutor

Putting an end to the never-ending battle of kids and chores

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